Icelandic Snitsel

8 pm - Tjarnarbíó

Janus Bragi Jakobsson og Loji Höskuldsson:

Performative lecture using found material, mainly icelandic family- and home videos. In many families there were camcorders and in most homes a camera. Often there was one man who documented all towns happenings, most of the time rather diligently but the purpose was unclear as there were few places to show the recordings.

Through the years Janus has collected those gems and with the help and accompaniment of Loji Höskuldsson shown few of those videos on so called Snitsel-nights. Under the same umbrella these documentations become a slice of Icelandic reality, about its values, it self, its memories and professionalism but above all the will to connect with others.

The videos are the documentarists idea about life, a little like the endless documentation is a presentation of their loneliness and the fear of being forgotten. We as an audience are left with the notion that loneliness can best be transferred simply and cheap. Loneliness is best naked, clear and desperate.

Snitsel live show
Music at the bar

After the show

Árni Vilhjálmsson just released his record Slightly hungry. Árni is a member of the electro band FM Belfast and the Performans group Kriðpleir All work on the festival are works in progress.

Arni Vil
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