Womens Club Meeting

8 pm - location to be announced!

Since the beginning of time, the woman's sexuality has been policed. Those who got overcome by the patriarchy and protested their position in society were called hysterical, hystero means uterus in Greek and the word hysteria comes from Hippocrates and his companions 2500 years ago. Later, this "disease" was cured by having male doctors masturbating women with an electric dildo invented in the 19th century. The vibrator is, therefore, older than your grandmother.

But did your grandmother have a vibrator? Have you talked to her about her sex life? Was there more shame then or maybe less in the discussion of sex and sexuality? What do we really know about our grandmother's desires, taboos, shame, and pleasure?

Íris Stefánía Skúladóttir: Íris is working on a documentary radio theatre on the romance and sex life of the oldest generation in Iceland. Her work is based on her research on women’s masturbation. She opens her research process and invites us to witness a women's club meeting.

Íris is graduating from the Master program in Performance from Icelandic Academy of art this summer. She has been exploring in her work the meeting point between performance and a story circle.

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